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The Return

Our forced hibernation meant that we were desperate to get out there again and devour some wings...and they were great! (well some of them). 2 new entries in top 10!

The Ancient Mariner

So after a winter of Wingnut hibernation, we’re back in the saddle on the hunt for the best wings this city has to offer, and what a way to kick off our return. This pub was great and had a lively Friday night atmosphere, the guy cooking for us knew his stuff and told us all about the ever important provenance. But what did they taste like? Well they were bloody delicious! Crispy, perfectly cooked wings with some good sauces. The buffalo sauce was excellent, followed by the lemon and ranch and backed up nicely by the hoisin. These guys certainly weren’t all at sea, get yourself to the Ancient Mariner on the first boat that’ll take you.

Provenance: 8.5

Portion: 8

Taste: 9


Heat variety: 6



Another pub and another great success! These guys know their food and the wings came in a southern style, but KFC these ‘aint. Crispy, with a very good batter, but the best bit was the array of sauces that come with them. Us Wingnuts have eaten sauces that range from the divine to the downright disgusting and these sauces were the best we’ve ever tasted. There are too many to list here, but they are homemade and we would happily have poured them on anything! The Freemasons are a secret society and we almost want to keep these wings a secret, so we can have them all to ourselves!

Provenance: 8

Portion: 6

Taste: 9


Heat variety: 10


Bad Boys

Bad Boys, Bad Boys what’ya gonna do, what’ya gonna do when they come for you? Eat their delicious wings of course! We couldn’t believe how we’ve come back with such a bang. Three great wing stops in a row. This place is newly opened and their burgers look fantastic, but as ever we’re only here for the wings and they didn’t disappoint. They fell down a bit on provenance and atmosphere, but the wings were traditional, crispy and drenched in an awesome buffalo sauce. The chef here is the guy who was on the Gordon Ramsey programme at Mama Cherry’s. He knows his stuff and could probably give the Ramsey a run for his money with these offerings. In fact the only difference is that Ramsey is sweary dirtbag and the Bad Boys are great!

Provenance: 4

Portion: 8

Taste: 7


Heat variety: 2


The Bok Shop

We’ve tried to get the wings in here a couple of times, but for whatever reason they weren’t available. We arrived and they were on the menu, so what were we rewarded with? Well another very long wait. The food took around an hour to get to us and to be honest the place felt stressful to be in. Worth the wait, we hear you ask? Well, frankly no. The wings had a nice tasty coating, but they were greasy and the sauces were just different versions of Sciracha mixed with mayo. The word ‘Bok’ has South African connotations, but in the language of the Romany traveller and the East End of London ‘Bok’ means bad luck and that’s what you’ll feel you’ve had if you buy these wings. Guys we know you were struggling and you were very generous with the drinks and the bill, but at the end of the day it’s all about the wings for us.

Provenance: 6

Portion: 8

Taste: 5.5


Heat variety: 4


Patty and Bun

We often said that the clue was in the name when it came to wings, but Seven Bone Burger proved us wrong on that score. Patti and Bun however reverted to type. The restaurant looks great, the staff are brilliant and if we were doing a burger blog this would be a very different review. These were ‘confit’ wings, so therefore cooked very slowly in their own fat. To say the flavour was intense would be an understatement. Imagine that for some mad reason they made double strength chicken wing cordial (yeah that could happen!) that you needed to dilute with a pint of water. These wings tasted like drinking said cordial neat from the bottle and to add to the experience they were slathered in a super sweet sauce. The overall effect was to stun the Wingnuts into silence and call it a night. Two wings left behind says it all.

Provenance: 4

Portion: 6

Taste: 2.5

Atmosphere: 8

Heat variety: 0