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Hove....actually good wings

The wingnuts have been surprised by the quality of wings to be found in Hove given the fact that there's actually f*ck all reason to go there normally

7 Bone Burger

Our mantra is always ‘the clue is in the name’ when it comes to places selling wings, but hey, we can’t be right all the time! The wings at 7 Bone Burger are awesome. The 7 bone fried wings are crispy coated and perfect. So good, they don’t even need a sauce with them. The Rasta wings are served in an excellent spicy hot sauce and come with an amazing blue cheese dip. We were gobsmacked and it has to be said, the big boys, including the Joker, have a serious rival. What’s more, the place is great, really lively, good beer and friendly staff who know their stuff. The magnificent 7 indeed!

Provenance: 8

Portion: 8

Taste: 10

Atmosphere: 8.5

Heat variety: 6

Total: 40.5

The Blind Busker

We love a crispy wing, but crispy on the outside is no good if your chicken is as rubbery as a car tyre. This wing experience was made worse by the absolutely terrible sauces on offer. The best of this sauce hall of shame was the buffalo, but that wasn’t good. The BBQ tasted like melted Harribo sweets. The teriyaki was a dishonour to Japan, the makers of this sauce should be made to commit harakiri while slathered in this abomination. And even worse, if you popped your wing cherry on the cherry bourbon flavour, you would never eat another wing again. We’ve had to deduct heat variety marks purely for the rankness of the sauces. Go to this place for a drink, but shut your eyes if you see the wings.

Provenance: 0

Portion: 7

Taste: 3.5

Atmosphere: 8

Heat variety: 2

Total: 20.5


Well we thought we’d found it with AA charcoal grill the other week, but now we definitely think we’ve done it. We’ve found the secret place we were looking for! The guys in Nayeb are great, they make the place fun and they love to talk about their food. These are the best barbecue wings we’ve had so far by a country mile. They are coated in the most incredible marinade from Afghanistan that no matter how hard Wingnut Elliot tried, they were not divulging the recipe. They are grilled simply over coals and taste smoky, spicy and tender. We honestly wanted to stay all night and eat everything they had. Get yourself down to Nayeb pronto, and it won’t be long before we’re back as well!

Provenance: 2

Portion: 6

Taste: 9

Atmosphere: 6

Heat variety: 4

Total: 27

The Sussex Cricketers

Wingnut Steve went into the exact same pub in Essex a few weeks back. These Ember Inns pubs are all identical. Even the wings were exactly the same, which shows they are all frozen in a bag, shipped around the country and served up the same everywhere. Are they batting above their average? No, they are average at best, and the lime piri piri is the best of a bad bunch of sauces. Hit them for six.

Provenance: 2

Portion: 5.5

Taste: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Heat variety: 6

Total: 21.5

Al Mouch

We stopped here by chance and you know what, we’re glad we did. The atmosphere was quite lively, with plenty of people enjoying their meals, and if we hadn’t just found two awesome places to eat wings already this evening, we’d have been having the discussion about ‘is this the hidden place we’d been looking for etc etc’. They were well cooked and came with a couple of great sauces. We enjoyed them. A good solid job guys!

Provenance: 2

Portion: 7

Taste: 6.5

Atmosphere: 5

Heat variety: 4

Total: 24.5


This place is a Brighton and Hove institution, and you can see why they’ve successfully run this restaurant for the past 40 years. They are really generous and friendly guys, who are happy to talk about their wings and clearly very proud of their food. They should be too, as their wings are hot, tender and tasty and go down even better with the cold beers they come with. The restaurant was busy and Wingnut Steve was that enamoured by it, he’s taking the Wingnut wife there on a date night!

Provenance: 5

Portion: 3.5

Taste: 7

Atmosphere: 7

Heat variety: 4

Total: 26.5