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Rain, Rain and then some wing-shine

On a piss poor summer evening we ventured out into the sodden streets in search of the ever elusive great wing. We attempted a couple of venues that turned out to be either closed (apparently when it rains the chef's disappear) or Wingnut Elliot got his bearings wrong (a rare occurrence). But what we did get was 2 new entrants in top 10 taste, 1 new entrant in top three (!!) overall and 2 new entrants in Chicken Shed of Shame. A mixed bag to be sure......

Oh So….

This was the sixth trip out for the Wingnuts and friends and after the debacle of the last trip, we were really hoping for six of the best tonight. What we got though, was definitely one of the best. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Oh So’s wings. But we’re very grateful for them having an open kitchen and friendly staff on this wet and windy summer’s night. Provenance and portion size was average, and they weren’t crispy, but we tell you what, they were tasty! One of the questions we ask ourselves is, “Would we order these again?” and you know what, yes, we would, come rain or shine.

Score: 23 out of 50

Kitgum Kitchen @The Mesmerist

East African wings anyone? We were completely mesmerised by these beauties. And that’s not just the amazing staff, who could not have been more helpful in answering our ‘technical’ wing questions. These wings have finally got us excited again after a few wing-weary weeks. They were crispy, hot and sour, cooked to perfection and served with some great sauces. Want to know something else about East Africa? It’s home to four of the five fastest animals in the world, and we recommend you become the fifth and get yourself some of these wings as quickly as you can.

Score: 39 out of 50

Arrobas & Cia

Ola wing-hombres! We stumbled on this place by chance as Wingnut Elliot’s usually reliable wing-dar was a bit off tonight. This restaurant has been a few places through the years, but it’s currently rocking some genuine Spanish vibes and some genuine solid wings. They are just plain roasted and nothing amazing, but equally there is nothing wrong with them at all, and we would happily eat them all day. They’ve scored badly on provenance, heat variety and atmosphere, but the beer was good and the staff were friendly. We’ve certainly had worse.

Score: 14 out of 50


Another short notice venue (do you see what we did there). There was no heat variety, but the provenance was good. Unfortunately though the taste was average and you get a side order of violent Irishman thrown in too! The place was full of people playing darts and having fun and so in their honour we’ll score these wings “180!” – actually that’s not true at all, these wings were ‘Bully’s booby prize’.

Score: 25 out of 50

Old Bank Steak and Ribs

According to the menu, they state ‘Our famous wings are found nowhere else’ – and thank the God of wings for that! We don’t want to be too mean, as the staff were friendly and the hot sauce was pretty tasty, but that’s where it stopped. In the bank of wings, you’ll find these deeply in the red. Wings left behind again ☹.

Score: 22.5 out of 50

Sir Thomas Kemp

The last venue of the night, ‘we wanna’ get loaded, we want to have a good time’ was blaring as we walked in, and these wings certainly made us primal scream! Sir Thomas Kemp may have run things in Kemp Town back in the day, but he certainly doesn’t run the world of wings. The atmosphere was great and the portion was large, but all that meant was that we had more wings to leave behind.

Score: 25 out of 50

Soul Street Kitchen

We do love an invite! So, when people get in touch and tell us they do great wings, we leap into action, suit up and slide down the wing pole to wing-mobile. Actually, none of that really happens (yet). Wingnut Steve and Wingnut Elliot met up at Street Diner to sample these self-proclaimed ‘great wings’. You know what, they didn’t disappoint. The provenance was on point, the sun was out and the wings came in a generous portion. They weren’t the crispiest, but the taste was awesome. The best Cajun style chicken wings we’ve had by far. In fact, they are the only Cajun style wings we’ve had so far, but we’ll definitely be back for some more! Great job guys!

Score: 33 out of 50