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Wingnuts goes forth.....

On our latest adventure we covered a part of town from the delights of Preston Street back up to the lanes, taking in some establishments along the clock tower end of Western Road.

Wingnut Elliot Note:

We were joined on our latest trip by the man behind , our mate Gary. As you know, all of our wingnut guests have to adopt nick names of our choosing. After much deliberation (and mild hysterics) we came up with General GazBags. His scores for taste are shown next to ours.

Al Rouche

So kicking off Wingnuts IV was this cute little Lebanese restaurant in Preston Street. We were happy, we were feeling generous, the first wing stop of the night nearly always scores well. Full of excitement, we ordered two portions rather than the usual one, and subsequently received double the disappointment. These wings were over-cooked and under-seasoned and not good at all. Thankfully we ordered two portions of their very good Lebanese beer as well, which cheered us up a bit. The highlight of this culinary experience was wingnut Steve mishearing wingnut Elliot ask, “Shall I squeeze the lemon on?” as “Have you been to the Lebanon?”. What followed was two minutes of Fawlty Towers style cross-purposes confusion – “You don’t like lemon?” – “Yes I love lemon, why do you ask?” – “but you just said….?” – “No I didn’t?”. You get the picture…….

Score 22 out of 50

Guest Wingnut Score: General GazBags (2)

Bincho Yakitori

Sometimes us wingnuts wonder why we are on this quest. Then we remember that we’re doing it for you guys, so get ready to take some notes. Bincho Yakitori’s wings are awesome! You want to hear about provenance? Well, let us tell you a story. Bincho get their chicken from a farm in Staffordshire – “That’s not very local” we hear you cry. Well the reason they are from said farm is that the chef at Bincho was asked by a famous food blogger to make ‘chicken sashimi’ (that’s what we thought too)!?!?!? He needed to source the cleanest tasting, healthiest chicken possible and found this farm in Staffordshire that even gives each chicken a name! This dedication shines through in the end result, with both versions of the wings tasting incredible. Wingnut Elliot loved the natural wings done over Japanese coals, and wingnut Steve and guest wingnut ‘General GazBags’ could not get enough of the 24 hour Asian brined version. This place was so good, we debated cancelling the rest of the night and ordering the whole menu! We can’t recommend them enough.

Score 41.5 out of 50

Guest Wingnut Score: General GazBags (5)

Roosters Piri Piri

Elated by our trip to Bincho, we were slightly daunted by this takeaway outlet on Western Road. To be fair though, they were great. The heat variety that many places fall down on was here in abundance, you can have piri-piri, herb, medium, hot, extra hot, Lebanese, tikka and Mexican. We opted for extra hot and Lebanese and they were delicious. The staff were friendly and for a fast food joint, you’d be happy to eat here both with the family and late at night pissed. The only thing was the wings themselves were tiny. We were told they come from Bulgaria, and can only assume that when asked ‘Do you lift bro?’ Bulgarian chickens say ‘no’.

Score: 29.5 out of 50

Guest Wingnut Score: General GazBags (3.5)

The Western

We stumbled here by chance, but we’re glad we did. The bar was busy with good music and service, and we got the first genuine ‘Tex-Mex’ style wings we’ve had in a while. No heat variety, but they knew about provenance and the wings tasted good. The only issue was the sauce. Whilst it was tasty, they had smothered six wings in approximately nine gallons of bbq sauce. After eating one wing you needed to strip off, put all your clothes in the bin and be hosed down. By all means try the wings, just don’t wear your best shirt!

Score: 22.5 out of 50

Guest Wingnut Score: General GazBags (3.5)

No 32, Duke Street

Well isn’t this quite the cool place!? It’s not often we eat our wings next to a DJ booth! The staff were effortlessly cool as well. They got on board with the wingnuts ethos and even taught us what chicken wings are in Spanish (alitas de pollo, in case you’re wondering). The wings themselves were huge and like buses, you wait ages then the second ‘Tex-Mex’ style wing comes along straight after the other, although wingnut Elliot is convinced they were ‘Singaporian’ style wings (clearly pissed). The coleslaw and the blue cheese dip were naf, but if you’re after big and tasty wings that only cost a million dollars a portion, then this is the place for you!

Score: 28 out of 50

Guest Wingnut Score: General GazBags (4)



‘Come on ladz, who wants a cheeky Nando’s, cheeky pint, cheeky bet?’ – apparently if you say ‘Bantz with the ladz’ three times into a mirror at midnight, a cheeky Nando’s will appear! We know that ‘Ladz’ and people on first dates love this place, but if you’re looking for good wings then this place isn’t the best. The chicken is plain and the skin is slimy. However once you start adding the myriad of sauces on offer, then it becomes palatable. In fact, the availability of approximately 12 different rubs and sauces kind of makes a trip to Nando’s quite exciting. In terms of heat variety, nobody will ever top their score. Would we head back again just for wings? Probably not, but this is chicken for all ages, shapes and sizes and we can see why it’s so popular.

Score: 32.5 out of 50

Guest Wingnut Score: General GazBags (3)