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#3 South Lanes Wing Hunt

NB [We were joined by two guest wingnuts in the guise of Chappers and Jonny B who wanted to experience some mid week wing and beer action. We asked them to give us their taste scores for the places that they visited with us. We will look to pull all these together in a guest taste league table once we are joined by more guest this space.]

Bus Stop

This was a solid start to the Wingnut’s third escapade. This place is nice and chilled and comes with friendly staff and a reggae soundtrack. The wings were good, they knew where the chicken was from and they had an awesome buffalo hot sauce that we couldn’t get enough of. In terms of heat variety, you can have either buffalo or just plain grilled chicken. Although, quite why you’d have plain chicken wings is beyond us, unless you were ill or maybe a child. This Bus Stop is fun and worth getting off at!

Score: 33 out of 50

Ye Olde King and Queen

Wingnut Steve absolutely loves this pub, much to the dismay of Wingnut Elliot (and pretty much everybody else who knows us). But despite Steve’s questionable bias, even he had to admit that these wings belong in the dark ages. Fit for a King and Queen? No. Not really fit for the bin. They were so dry that they must have been cooked in the time of Henry the Eighth and reheated just for us. Go to the pub to watch the football, not for the wings. Alas again, a wing was left behind!

Score: 21 out of 50

Guest wingnut taste score: Chappers (3)

The Druids Head

We walked in here down heartened from the previous bowl, and looking at the menu and the blank looks we received when we asked about provenance, we expected the worst. However, The Druids Head certainly helped us to ‘Get-a-Fix’ of some tasty wings (see what we did there?!). They were crispy and tasted good, and if only they had a decent sauce and a blue cheese dip, they could have been Stone Henge-tastic!

Score: 17.5 out of 50

Guest wingnut taste score: Chappers (3)

The Cricketers

This place is great, it’s like slipping in to a velvet, velour glove. They were even playing Lionel Richie (Hello, is it wings you’re looking for?). We have christened this pub the ‘chicken snug’ and the wings certainly made us feel warm and fuzzy. Excellent local provenance and the crispy coating was awesome. But why oh why did it come with a side of salty coleslaw that was impossible to eat without a knife and fork as it was served on a roofing slate – nobody knife and forks their wings??? If they can ditch the slaw and just add a decent wing sauce, then we think Lionel would come and visit in person!

Score: 32.5 out of 50

Guest wingnut taste score: Chappers (3.5)

The Black Lion

This pub is fun! Well it’s fun if you’re half the age of the Wingnut’s, like loud music, like queuing at the bar, like reading a menu that’s stapled to a sawn off scaffold board, and like to drink Tuaca early in the evening because inexplicably you like it??? All we know is that we like wings, and I think we’ll need to visit a lot of places to get a lower score on provenance, or a better response than this: Wingnut – “Excuse me, can you tell me where you get your chicken from?” – Bar staff – “I don’t have a clue where it’s from and in fact I don’t even want to know, because I’m a vegetarian”. This dedication to the art of wings was carried through to the end product that had a reasonable heat, but tasted average and had a very off putting texture, resulting in the second wing casualty of the night, with another wing left behind.

Score: 20.5 out of 50

Guest wingnut taste score: Chappers (3), Jonny B (2.5)

The Font

We can’t deny the staff here are friendly and more than many others, they offer three different types of heat settings. The Font is an old church, but their wings are not of biblical standards. In fact, their wings are straight out of hell. We got three flavours, the whiskey flavour was the best of a bad bunch, the piri piri was sinful, and the bbq had us on our knees praying for this to be over. Sorry guys, you were a happy and positive bunch and we liked you, but your wings belong on bats, not angels.

Score: 19.5 out of 50

Guest wingnut taste score: Chappers (1.5), Jonny B (1.5)

The Seven Stars - Chicken Sh*t Wednesday's

Winner, winner chicken dinner! Things have just got exciting! The Joker was the Man United of wings, winning with impunity each week, but uh oh, here come the Little Blue Smoke House like the Real Madrid of the wing championship! Wednesday night at the Seven Stars is known as ‘Chicken shit Wednesday’ but there is nothing shit about these wings, in fact they are quite nearly perfect. Their provenance is on point, and they offer flavours you can get excited about – Jerk sauce, southern fried, Rick and Morty’s chilli sauce and the epic Sechuan chilli oil. These guys are proud of their wings and are so far in front of the rest, there is nothing else you should be doing on a Wednesday! You know what as well, for only three quid more, you get a whole kilo of wings! It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the wingin’ century!

Score: 48 out of 50

Guest Taste Score: Chappers (5), Jonny B (5)

Cheeky Chicken

As we’ve said, we don’t discriminate, just give us your wings! This place has the option of extreme violence late at night, but we had the place to ourselves, considering we got there roughly five hours before the clubs shut. You can’t fault them on value and the guy was happy to tell us where the chicken was from, but do you know what the problem was? Well to be honest, nothing. If we were drunk and in West Street, we’d eat these again and again. The chilli sauce is hot, the wings are crispy and the place is so bloody bright you definitely can see what you’re getting. Is this a destination restaurant, of course not, will we go back, of course not, but should we be snobby about it, not at all.

Score: 18.5 out of 50

Guest Taste Score: Chappers (3.5), Jonny B (3.5)