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Wings in the North Laine

NB [We decided to add a couple more venues to this trip out in the North Laine. In fact we could of squeezed in 2 other locations - Bus Stop & King and Queens - but were forced to beat a hasty retreat as they were not open/not serving. The fact is though that the North Laine holds some real wing treasures and there could be more....]

Grand Central

An interesting venue for wings, because unless you were waiting for a train, why would you be here? But hey, the Wingnuts boys would always ‘wing & wait’ if we had time to kill. The staff were friendly and they knew their stuff about provenance. However, despite being a decent portion and not a bad taste, these wings would be forgotten five minutes after you caught the 5:15 to Wing-chester.

Total score: 25.5 out of 50

Caxton Arms

We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived, the place was quite empty and there was no heat variety to choose from. Then the plate arrived with a dressed salad on it, with radishes and chia seeds and the like? It looked pretty, but looks can be deceiving! Not in this case though, these wings were absolute stunners. They tasted great and the blue cheese dip was the best we’ve tried by a mile, in fact it was so good, we would have eaten it by itself on toast. With only a hint more crispiness, these were close to being wing perfection!

Total score: 31 out of 50

The Pond

Elated from the Caxton Arms wings we hit The Pond for our first taste of ‘Korean Wings’. We casually told the staff that we’re here to blog about wings and we’ll be giving them a rating, so like let’s hope they’re good, because we’re like a couple of serious foody wing bloggers. The staff casually and in a slightly cooler way told us that we had nothing to worry about because their wings are amazing. And to be honest, they were not wrong! No heat variety, but they tasted great, they were crispy, perfectly flavoured and clearly well sourced. We could have ordered another three bowls and stayed all night!

Total score: 33 out of 50

Burgers and Cocktails

What a night we were having, two places giving us some of the best wings in town! We hit Burgers and Cocktails and were greeted by very friendly staff, but that was as good as it got. Once again the clue is in the name, this place aint’ called Wings and Beer and that was reflected in what we were given. The question about provenance was casually ignored and what was billed as ‘Kimchi wings’ was in fact sweet bbq sauce with a pot of what we can only guess was vinegar and fish sauce. Stick to burgers guys!

Total score: 16.5 out of 50

Mrs Fitzherberts

Disappointed from the previous wing experience we went to Mrs Fitzherberts. It was fun in there, the atmosphere was good, the staff were friendly and we were having a laugh. However, these wings were in fact having a laugh as well. Other than a slightly above average bbq sauce, these were re-heated, slimy skinned and dry chewy chicken.

If Wrigleys ever made a chicken wing flavoured gum it would taste like these. It makes us sad to say this, but we couldn’t eat them all, and no wing should ever be left behind!

Total score: 20 out of 50

The Post and Telegraph

You sell wings, we’ll eat wings and you can’t deny the ‘Spoons’ has got atmosphere! Friendly staff and friendly customers who might stab you, but would at least smile while they were doing it. Say what you like about ‘Spoons’ but they have no problem telling you where their chicken is from. You don’t really want to know, but they make it all available. And you know what, the wings were crispy and tasty and once you’d put it from your mind that the chicken comes from a farm that produces 7.5 million chickens a week they were good. The sauces on the other hand tasted like you were licking a nine volt battery – thankfully it came in a separate pot that you can take home and use to clean the inside of your car engine.

Total score: 27 out of 50

Las Iguanas

We arrived to be told that the chef was sick, all the waiting staff were on holiday and the second barman has run off with the manager’s wife, so it was going to be at least 45 minutes to get some wings. This concerned us, as we are impatient wing warriors, but hey we’re doing this for you guys! Also they gave us two free cocktails which helped. Anyway an hour and two more cocktails later the wings finally arrived. Were they worth the wait, you bet they were! They were crispy, with a great tasting sauce that was the perfect heat. Their provenance was good and they offered a variety of heat settings, which is something a lot of places are falling down on. And you know the best bit of all, they gave us the wings for free!*

*Wingnuts cannot confirm that all wings for all people in Las Iguanas will be free.

Total score: 32 out of 50