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First Tasting Day

We went a bit bonkers on our first tasting day and managed to eat in 5 locations along London Road and a bit beyond.

Here are our reviews and scores:

The Joker

We love this place. In fact it was probably The Joker that made us think about this daft blog in the first place!

Let’s start with taste, these wings taste crispy and great. Well unless you go for the Viper’s and then the taste doesn’t really matter, it just becomes a matter of survival. I appreciate some of you serious chilli-heads may disagree, but these viper wings are nuts and will make you cry! The other flavours are great though and there is an excellent choice. The barbecue sauce and woof woofs are superb. Its nice place to eat your wings as well and you get a reasonable amount for your buck. But why, oh why, couldn’t you guys tell us where you get your chicken from? This is Brighton, provenance matters!

Total score: 38 out of 50

The Worlds End BBQ Shack

Sounds like it should be good, but isn’t.

They don’t taste bad, but have slippery skins and are served on a random bed of lettuce with a small squirt of blue cheese sauce in each corner. Who eats a plate of lettuce with their wings? Give the guys their due though, they knew their stuff when it came to provenance, but unfortunately the atmosphere and product couldn’t back it up. The best part of the meal was the random cup of soda water we were given. We didn’t know if it was to drink, to dip the wings in, or to wash the salad? We settled on the fact it may be a type of finger bowl and used it to clean up afterwards. This is the first place that we never finished all the wings – that makes us sad, no wing should be left behind!

Total score: 20 out of 50

KFC, London Road

The Wingnut’s boys do not discriminate, you make wings, we’ll eat wings and tell the world about them!

If we’re talking portions, then two hot wings for 99p can’t be sniffed at. If we’re talking atmosphere, I’d rather be sniffed at by a pack of mangy dogs. KFC on London Road would not be described as a destination restaurant! However, although their provenance is very suspect, it is explained publicly on their website and as much as I want to say they were awful, they didn’t taste too bad. In fact if they came with a decent sauce (or any sauce for that matter) and some blue cheese dip, they would be a better wing experience than some of their so-called classier peers.

Total score: 20 out of 50

Meat Liquor

This place was quite lively for a Tuesday, so no real concerns about atmosphere, but unfortunately some real concerns around their wings.

Once again there was no heat variety, you only get their take on wings. Wings should be a personal experience, one man’s bbq is another man’s hot sauce, you need some choice! The taste wasn’t bad, they tasted like wings, but without any kick. We felt we needed to drown them in the blue cheese dip to get any kind of flavor sensation out of them. Not a bad portion size, but the real issue was provenance. We asked for provenance, they told us nothing. We were then grilled by staff as to why are we asking? Why did we need to know? We were told, “We know exactly where they are from, but we are not at liberty to share this information with you. In fact, who are you anyway? Why didn’t you give us a heads up that you were coming? Actually, give us your names, so we can run them by our social media manager”. Either they’ve got something to hide, or the staff are all too paranoid about receiving feedback. Either way, asking where your meat comes from should not cause this amount of tension unless you’re dining with Hannibal Lector!

Total score: 21.5 out of 50

Domino's Pizza

The clue is clearly in the name. This place aint’ Dominos Wings! Funnily enough, they offer three different heat choices and their (dubious) supplier information is clearly displayed on their website.

This place was really bad when it came to atmosphere and taste though. Waiting in the front of the shop actually made us both very unhappy. After a while we had to stand outside to escape the oppressive onslaught of the fast food delivery misery. Still, when we got the wings they made up for this upset by being exceptionally crap. When you watch the shopping channel and someone says “These aren’t real diamonds, they are diamond-esque”. Well these weren’t real wings, they were ‘wing-esque’. We launched them in a bin and they became the second place where wings were left behind.

Total score: 16 out of 50

The Brew Dog

They killed it when it came to provenance, the details came thick and fast and their supplier’s website was awesome. When it came to quality of chicken, they were probably the best of the night.

However, when it came to taste things started to go wrong. Look, we know that we are going to get different varieties of wing. Some will be crispy, some will be saucy, some will be plain and some will be in batter, we don’t discriminate, it’s all about the wings. These wings had a great sauce and a great blue cheese dip, but the batter they were in was rank. It was thick and tasteless and made us assume that they go straight from frozen to the fryer. If you had served the KFC wings with this sauce and dip, it would have been a better experience. That said, the place has a great atmosphere, serves good portions and we love your beer guys!

Total score: 31.5 out of 50