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It's started, WingNuts on the hunt....

Yes people , two middle aged men with little or no ambition have decided to embark on a quest so you don’t have to - to find the holy grail of Chicken WINGS!

Be it buffalo, Korean, salt and pepper, BBQ we will seek it out and get you the low down.

We have identified 20 establishments as a starter which will will visit over the coming weeks.

We will score them in 5 categories, with each being out of 5 - 1 being lowest, 5 the highest, for a total of 25. Categories are:

Environment: what’s the place like to have a drink and a bowl of wings - would you want to go back there, how grumpy are waiting staff etc

Portion Size: how many wings do you get for your buck - we know size isn’t everything (well men with small hands say such things) but when it comes to wings we beg to differ

Provenance: We live in Brighton. The UK’s only green MP. We are awash with vegetarians and vegans. We like to know about where our food comes from. We will ask and see the response.

Taste: The big one. Arguably the most important. What do those bad boys taste like? How crispy is skin, how much sauce is there, does it overpower? Taste is power and we want some!

Heat variety: let’s be honest - some of us like stupidly hot wings while others actually like not having to sweat and dribble profusely while eating - each to their own. But this will help those seeking the right level of heat in their wings.

The first trip out will be next Tuesday 16th 2017 - 3 places to check out. We will let you know how we get on: The Joker, Alcampo Lounge and BBQ Shack