The Seven Stars - Chicken Sh*t Wednesday's

Total score: 48 out of 50

Winner, winner chicken dinner! Things have just got exciting! The Joker was the Man United of wings, winning with impunity each week, but uh oh, here come the Little Blue Smoke House like the Real Madrid of the wing championship! Wednesday night at the Seven Stars is known as ‘Chicken shit Wednesday’ but there is nothing shit about these wings, in fact they are quite nearly perfect. Their provenance is on point, and they offer flavours you can get excited about – Jerk sauce, southern fried, Rick and Morty’s Sechuan and Real honest chilli oil. These guys are proud of their wings and are so far in front of the rest, there is nothing else you should be doing on a Wednesday! You know what as well, for only three quid more, you get a whole kilo of wings! It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the wingin’ century!