Freemasons - Pig & Jacket

41 out of 50

Another pub and another great success! These guys know their food and the wings came in a southern style, but KFC these ‘aint. Crispy, with a very good batter, but the best bit was the array of sauces that come with them. Us Wingnuts have eaten sauces that range from the divine to the downright disgusting and these sauces were the best we’ve ever tasted.

Bad Boys

27.5 out of 50

Bad Boys, Bad Boys what’ya gonna do, what’ya gonna do when they come for you? Eat their delicious wings of course! We couldn’t believe how we’ve come back with such a bang. Three great wing stops in a row

Bok Shop

27.5 out of 50

We’ve tried to get the wings in here a couple of times, but for whatever reason they weren’t available. We arrived and they were on the menu, so what were we rewarded with? Well another very long wait.....Worth the wait, we hear you ask? Well, frankly no

Patty & Bun

20.5 out of 50

We often said that the clue was in the name when it came to wings, but Seven Bone Burger proved us wrong on that score. Patti and Bun however reverted to type.

Ancient Mariner

39.5 out of 50

This pub was great and had a lively Friday night atmosphere, the guy cooking for us knew his stuff and told us all about the ever important provenance. But what did they taste like? Well they were bloody delicious!

32 out of 50

We arrived to be told that the chef was sick, all the waiting staff were on holiday and the second barman has run off with the manager’s wife...

The Post & Telegraph

27 out of 50

You sell wings, we’ll eat wings and you can’t deny the ‘Spoons’ has got atmosphere! Friendly staff and friendly customers who might stab you, but would at least smile while they were doing it.

Mrs Fitzherberts

20 out of 50

Disappointed from the previous wing experience we went to Mrs Fitzherberts. It was fun in there, the atmosphere was good, the staff were friendly and we were having a laugh.

Burgers & Cocktails

16.5 out of 50

What a night we were having, two previous places giving us some of the best wings in town! We hit Burgers and Cocktails and were greeted by very friendly staff, but that was as good as it got.

The Pond

33 out of 50

Elated from the Caxton Arms wings we hit The Pond for our first taste of ‘Korean Wings’.

Caxton Arms

31 out of 50

We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived, the place was quite empty and there was no heat variety to choose from. Then the plate arrived with a dressed salad on it, with radishes and chia seeds and the like? It looked pretty

Grand Central

25.5 out of 50

An interesting venue for wings, because other than if you were waiting for a train, why would you be here? But hey, the Wingnuts boys would always ‘wing & wait’ if we had time to kill.

46.5 out of 50

We love this place. In fact it was probably The Joker that made us think about this daft blog in the first place! Let’s start with taste, these wings taste crispy and great.

Brew Dog Brighton

31.5 out of 50

They killed it when it came to provenance, the details came thick and fast and their supplier’s website was awesome. When it came to quality of chicken, they were probably the best of the night. However

Dominos Pizza

16 out of 50

he clue is clearly in the name. This place aint’ Dominos Wings! Funnily enough, they offer three different heat choices and their (dubious) supplier information is clearly displayed on their website.

Meat Liquor

21.5 out of 50

This place was quite lively for a Tuesday, so no real concerns about atmosphere, but unfortunately some real concerns around their wings.

KFC London Road

20 out of 50

The Wingnut’s boys do not discriminate, you make wings, we’ll eat wings and tell the world about them! If we’re talking portions, then two hot wings for 99p can’t be sniffed at.

The Worlds End

20 out of 50

Sounds like it should be good, but isn’t. They don’t taste bad, but have slippery skins and are served on a random bed of lettuce with a small squirt of blue cheese sauce in each corner.

33 out of 50

This was a solid start to the Wingnut’s third escapade. This place is nice and chilled and comes with friendly staff and a reggae soundtrack.

21 out of 50

Wingnut Steve absolutely loves this pub, much to the dismay of Wingnut Elliot (and pretty much everybody else who knows us).

17.5 out of 50

We walked in here down heartened from the previous bowl, and looking at the menu and the blank looks we received when we asked about provenance, we expected the worst.

32.5 out of 50

This place is great, it’s like slipping in to a velvet, velour glove. They were even playing Lionel Richie (Hello, is it wings you’re looking for?).

20.5 out of 50

This pub is fun! Well it’s fun if you’re half the age of the Wingnut’s, like loud music, like queuing at the bar, like reading a menu that’s stapled to a sawn off scaffold board, and like to drink Tuaca early in the evening because inexplicably you like it???

19.5 out of 50

We can’t deny the staff here are friendly and more than many others, they offer three different types of heat settings. The Font is an old church, but their wings are not of biblical standards.

18.5 out of 50

As we’ve said, we don’t discriminate, just give us your wings! This place has the option of extreme violence late at night, but we had the place to ourselves, considering we got there roughly five hours before the clubs shut.

41.5 out of 50

Sometimes us wingnuts wonder why we are on this quest. Then we remember that we’re doing it for you guys, so get ready to take some notes. Bincho Yakitori’s wings are awesome!

22 out of 50

Full of excitement, we ordered two portions rather than the usual one, and subsequently received double the disappointment.

26.5 out of 50

The atmosphere was great, the staff were beautiful and the restaurant was cool (think Pulp Fiction meets fish sauce). The wings on the other hand were Pho-king terrible!

36 out of 50

apparently if you say ‘Bantz with the ladz’ three times into a mirror at midnight, a cheeky Nando’s will appear

28 out of 50

Well isn’t this quite the cool place!? It’s not often we eat our wings next to a DJ booth! The staff were effortlessly cool as well. They got on board with the wingnuts ethos and even taught us what chicken wings are in Spanish

22.5 out of 50

We stumbled here by chance, but we’re glad we did. The bar was busy with good music and service, and we got the first genuine ‘Tex-Mex’ style wings we’ve had in a while.

29.5 out of 50

Elated by our trip to Bincho, we were slightly daunted by this takeaway outlet on Western Road. To be fair though, they were great.

17 out of 50

Street Thai offers genuine Thai street food and these wings tasted like they had genuinely been scraped off the Kho San Road

18 out of 50

There were pictures of Elvis everywhere and judging by the size of the portions, the King clearly had an input here. But to be honest, these wings were as dry as his blue suede shoes

16 out of 50

They failed miserably on provenance by stating that their wings “definitely come from chickens”. But they made up for this piece of world-class banter, by the place being completely devoid of atmosphere and the fantastic customer service of needing to summon the chef from having his fag outside to cook them for us.

7 out of 50

We arrived at Buddies at 6:50pm and there were three security guards already removing one of southeast London’s finest day-trippers. To be fair though, he probably kicked off because he’d tried the wings.

27 out of 50

Go to the Hop Poles for the beers and atmosphere, not the wings.

31 out of 50

When the wings arrived they looked good, the hot sauce was awesome and they tasted alright. Unfortunately though, the chicken was as tough as your Nan’s old bunions

28 out of 50

Stock Burger was busy and the staff were great, they knew about their chicken and despite us explaining this was a chicken wing review, they insisted on giving us two free burgers.

15.5 out of 50

Wingnut Elliot experienced our first ever incident of ‘wing rage’. It wasn’t pretty and we needed to show him pictures of classic wings we’d enjoyed in the past to reassure him and calm him down.

23 out of 50

But we’re very grateful for them having an open kitchen and friendly staff on this wet and windy summer’s night.  Provenance and portion size was average, and they weren’t crispy, but we tell you what, they were tasty!

39 out of 50

East African wings anyone? We were completely mesmerised by these beauties. And that’s not just the amazing staff, who could not have been more helpful in answering our ‘technical’ wing questions.

14 out of 50

Ola wing-hombres! We stumbled on this place by chance as Wingnut Elliot’s usually reliable wing-dar was a bit off tonight. This restaurant has been a few places through the years, but it’s currently rocking some genuine Spanish vibes and some genuine solid wings.

25 out of 50

There was no heat variety, but the provenance was good. Unfortunately though the taste was average and you get a side order of violent Irishman thrown in too!

22.5 out of 50

According to the menu, they state ‘Our famous wings are found nowhere else’ – and thank the God of wings for that!

25 out of 50

‘we wanna’ get loaded, we want to have a good time’ was blaring as we walked in, and these wings certainly made us primal scream!

33 out of 50

Wingnut Steve and Wingnut Elliot met up at Street Diner to sample these self-proclaimed ‘great wings’. You know what, they didn’t disappoint.

31.5 out of 50

All looking good, but the first problem was the wings. They just didn’t taste that great and although the top ones were nice and crispy, they got slimier the further down the bowl you got. Still, all is not lost, even an average wing can be propped up with a decent sauce and we had been given six to choose from! Unfortunately, they were all bad

16.5 out of 50

We were so not drunk enough when we ordered these and as usual the clue is in the name. We asked for wings and the guy literally opened a freezer door and poured them straight from a bag into the fryer with the chips.

32 out of 50

This is why we continue this selfless mission, so we can go to places we’ve never been to before and be given some of the finest wings the city has to offer! These are good guys, knocking out great wings, and they will shoot straight into the top five.

14 out of 50

So this was another random joint we just happened to walk past, but we’re glad this time we didn’t say Bye Bye to Mye Mye, as these wings were fantastic!

26 out of 50

They also had the most reasonably priced wings we’d ever seen (nine for £2.40!) that they barbequed in front of us! We were excited, could this be it, was this the secret hidden wing wonderland we’d been searching for? Sadly no.

33.5 out of 50

To be fair though it was almost worth the trip, as this is a nice pub. It has a great garden, a good atmosphere and really friendly staff. They offer three different sauces, bbq, hot chilli and sweet chilli and thankfully they let us have the wings plain, so that we could try them all. We’re so glad they did, as the wings were good

19.5 out of 50

We started off Wingnuts’ Hanover instalment, at the aptly named ‘Hanover’. After braving the ascent up Mount Hanover, we arrived at the top and were greeted with a great pub and an excellent Friday night atmosphere

15 out of 50

This is a slick operation and even waiting to be served in what is essentially a takeaway was quite exciting to see how well the staff carried out their tasks. The place was really popular as well, with burger after burger being churned out in seconds. However, this is chicken wing blog and once again the clue is in the name.

17.5 out of 50

A late edition to the planned route and thank goodness it was. The atmosphere is non-existent what with it being a takeaway and the staff were quite rude, but tell you what, they knock out a decent salt and pepper crispy wing.

24 out of 50

We love this pub so much. This was the first pub that Wingnut Steve ever had a pint in when he moved to Brighton. This is why it hurts giving this review....

4 out of 50

As we always say, the clue is in the name of the places we go, as this usually reflects on the wings that they serve. Not this place though, these wings were so dry that there was no way you could actually swallow them. Wings should be a joyful experience, but the experience of eating these was as though you had just run a marathon and quenched your thirst with a bag of sand.

0 out of 50

Winner winner chicken dinner! No sorry, by winner, we mean winner of possible the ropiest chicken wing experience, since well, Swallow House!

24.5 out of 50

Like we’ve said before, we have always wanted to find a little gem of a place that nobody has ever heard of that serves up the kind of wings we like. And you know what, we think this may be one of those places.

40.5 out of 50

The wings at 7 Bone Burger are awesome. The 7 bone fried wings are crispy coated and perfect. So good, they don’t even need a sauce with them. The Rasta wings are served in an excellent spicy hot sauce and come with an amazing blue cheese dip. We were gobsmacked and it has to be said, the big boys, including the Joker, have a serious rival

27 out of 50

Well we thought we’d found it with AA charcoal grill the other week, but now we definitely think we’ve done it. We’ve found the secret place we were looking for! The guys in Nayeb are great, they make the place fun and they love to talk about their food. These are the best barbecue wings we’ve had so far by a country mile.

20.5 out of 50

We love a crispy wing, but crispy on the outside is no good if your chicken is as rubbery as a car tyre. This wing experience was made worse by the absolutely terrible sauces on offer. The best of this sauce hall of shame was the buffalo, but that wasn’t good. The BBQ tasted like melted Harribo sweets. The teriyaki was a dishonour to Japan, the makers of this sauce should be made to commit harakiri while slathered in this abomination

21.5 out of 50

Are they batting above their average? No, they are average at best, and the lime piri piri is the best of a bad bunch of sauces. Hit them for six.

24.5 out of 50

The atmosphere was quite lively, with plenty of people enjoying their meals, and if we hadn’t just found two awesome places to eat wings already this evening, we’d have been having the discussion about ‘is this the hidden place we’d been looking for

26.5 out of 50

This place is a Brighton and Hove institution, and you can see why they’ve successfully run this restaurant for the past 40 years. They are really generous and friendly guys, who are happy to talk about their wings and clearly very proud of their food

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