Total score:  26.5 out of 50

This is interesting, because to a man, the wingnuts and guests all stated that they like Pho, or Phe, or Phi, or Pho, or Phum depending on how you pronounce it if you’ve had a holiday to Asia or not. The atmosphere was great, the staff were beautiful and the restaurant was cool (think Pulp Fiction meets fish sauce). The wings on the other hand were Pho-king terrible! They were average, chewy, came with a bowl of sriracha and were apparently sourced from Covent Garden market, which last time we looked sold flowers and fruit and veg. Don’t get us wrong, Pho is a good restaurant, but not if you’re on the hunt for good wings. Hate to say it guys, but we had the first casualty of the night and another wing was left behind.