Total score: 32.5 out of 50

‘Come on ladz, who wants a cheeky Nando’s, cheeky pint, cheeky bet?’ – apparently if you say ‘Bantz with the ladz’ three times into a mirror at midnight, a cheeky Nando’s will appear! We know that ‘Ladz’ and people on first dates love this place, but if you’re looking for good wings then this place isn’t the best. The chicken is plain and the skin is slimy. However once you start adding the myriad of sauces on offer, then it becomes palatable. In fact, the availability of approximately 12 different rubs and sauces kind of makes a trip to Nando’s quite exciting. In terms of heat variety, nobody will ever top their score. Would we head back again just for wings? Probably not, but this is chicken for all ages, shapes and sizes and we can see why it’s so popular.