Total score: 21.5 out of 50

This place was quite lively for a Tuesday, so no real concerns about atmosphere, but unfortunately some real concerns around their wings. Once again there was no heat variety, you only get their take on wings. Wings should be a personal experience, one man’s bbq is another man’s hot sauce, you need some choice! The taste wasn’t bad, they tasted like wings, but without any kick. We felt we needed to drown them in the blue cheese dip to get any kind of flavor sensation out of them. Not a bad portion size, but the real issue was provenance. We asked for provenance, they told us nothing. We were then grilled by staff as to why are we asking? Why did we need to know? We were told, “We know exactly where they are from, but we are not at liberty to share this information with you. In fact, who are you anyway? Why didn’t you give us a heads up that you were coming? Actually, give us your names, so we can run them by our social media manager”. Either they’ve got something to hide, or the staff are all too paranoid about receiving feedback. Either way, asking where your meat comes from should not cause this amount of tension unless you’re dining with Hannibal Lector!