Total score: 32 out of 50

We arrived to be told that the chef was sick, all the waiting staff were on holiday and the second barman has run off with the manager’s wife, so it was going to be at least 45 minutes to get some wings. This concerned us, as we are impatient wing warriors, but hey we’re doing this for you guys! Also they gave us two free cocktails which helped. Anyway an hour and two more cocktails later the wings finally arrived. Were they worth the wait, you bet they were! They were crispy, with a great tasting sauce that was the perfect heat. Their provenance was good and they offered a variety of heat settings, which is something a lot of places are falling down on. And you know the best bit of all, they gave us the wings for free!*


*Wingnuts cannot confirm that all wings for all people in Las Iguanas will be free.