The Garden Bar

Total score: 33.5 out of 50

We hadn’t done Wingnuts all summer, we were excited to get back on the wing hunt again, so that’s why we didn’t mind travelling what seemed like across two time zones and continents to get to the Garden Bar (surely this place cannot be in Hove?). To be fair though it was almost worth the trip, as this is a nice pub. It has a great garden, a good atmosphere and really friendly staff. They offer three different sauces, bbq, hot chilli and sweet chilli and thankfully they let us have the wings plain, so that we could try them all. We’re so glad they did, as the wings were good, they were nicely roasted and crispy, but they would have been ruined if they had been covered in any of those sauces. They had good provenance though and we’d definitely eat the wings again and go back for a pint. Seriously though guys, use those sauces to paint a line on the road marking the furthest edge of Wingnut country.