Damasco Grill

Total score: 26 out of 50

One thing we’ve always spoken about in our Wingnut quest is to find a hidden gem, a secret little place that nobody has heard of that serves up the greatest wings the world has never tasted. We stumbled on this place by chance and their menu and passion for their food got us very excited. They also had the most reasonably priced wings we’d ever seen (nine for £2.40!) that they barbequed in front of us! We were excited, could this be it, was this the secret hidden wing wonderland we’d been searching for? Sadly no. The wings were apparently ‘from London’, were undercooked, average and a bit slimy (that sounds like an accurate description of Wingnut Steve as well). To give them some credit though, their chilli sauce was awesome and we wanted to eat it with their burgers, their kebabs and their lamb chops. We’d be chuffed to live near a place like this, but sadly not for their chicken wings.