Patty & Bun

Total score: 20.5 out of 50


We often said that the clue was in the name when it came to wings, but Seven Bone Burger proved us wrong on that score. Patti and Bun however reverted to type. The restaurant looks great, the staff are brilliant and if we were doing a burger blog this would be a very different review. These were ‘confit’ wings, so therefore cooked very slowly in their own fat. To say the flavour was intense would be an understatement. Imagine that for some mad reason they made double strength chicken wing cordial (yeah that could happen!) that you needed to dilute with a pint of water. These wings tasted like drinking said cordial neat from the bottle and to add to the experience they were slathered in a super sweet sauce. The overall effect was to stun the Wingnuts into silence and call it a night. Two wings left behind says it all.