Bok Shop

Total score: 27.5 out of 50


We’ve tried to get the wings in here a couple of times, but for whatever reason they weren’t available. We arrived and they were on the menu, so what were we rewarded with? Well another very long wait. The food took around an hour to get to us and to be honest the place felt stressful to be in. Worth the wait, we hear you ask? Well, frankly no. The wings had a nice tasty coating, but they were greasy and the sauces were just different versions of Sciracha mixed with mayo. The word ‘Bok’ has South African connotations, but in the language of the Romany traveller and the East End of London ‘Bok’ means bad luck and that’s what you’ll feel you’ve had if you buy these wings. Guys we know you were struggling and you were very generous with the drinks and the bill, but at the end of the day it’s all about the wings for us.