Total score: 31.5 out of 50

They killed it when it came to provenance, the details came thick and fast and their supplier’s website was awesome. When it came to quality of chicken, they were probably the best of the night. However, when it came to taste things started to go wrong. Look, we know that we are going to get different varieties of wing. Some will be crispy, some will be saucy, some will be plain and some will be in batter, we don’t discriminate, it’s all about the wings. These wings had a great sauce and a great blue cheese dip, but the batter they were in was rank. It was thick and tasteless and made us assume that they go straight from frozen to the fryer. If you had served the KFC wings with this sauce and dip, it would have been a better experience. That said, the place has a great atmosphere, serves good portions and we love your beer guys!