The Black Lion

Total score: 20.5 out of 50

This pub is fun! Well it’s fun if you’re half the age of the Wingnut’s, like loud music, like queuing at the bar, like reading a menu that’s stapled to a sawn off scaffold board, and like to drink Tuaca early in the evening because inexplicably you like it??? All we know is that we like wings, and I think we’ll need to visit a lot of places to get a lower score on provenance, or a better response than this: Wingnut – “Excuse me, can you tell me where you get your chicken from?” – Bar staff – “I don’t have a clue where it’s from and in fact I don’t even want to know, because I’m a vegetarian”. This dedication to the art of wings was carried through to the end product that had a reasonable heat, but tasted average and had a very off putting texture, resulting in the second wing casualty of the night, with another wing left behind.