Bincho Yakitori

Total score:  41.5 out of 50

Sometimes us wingnuts wonder why we are on this quest. Then we remember that we’re doing it for you guys, so get ready to take some notes. Bincho Yakitori’s wings are awesome! You want to hear about provenance? Well, let us tell you a story. Bincho get their chicken from a farm in Staffordshire – “That’s not very local” we hear you cry. Well the reason they are from said farm is that the chef at Bincho was asked by a famous food blogger to make ‘chicken sashimi’ (that’s what we thought too)!?!?!? He needed to source the cleanest tasting, healthiest chicken possible and found this farm in Staffordshire that even gives each chicken a name! This dedication shines through in the end result, with both versions of the wings tasting incredible. Wingnut Elliot loved the natural wings done over Japanese coals, and wingnut Steve and guest wingnut ‘General GazBags’ could not get enough of the 24 hour Asian brined version. This place was so good, we debated cancelling the rest of the night and ordering the whole menu! We can’t recommend them enough.