Al Rouche

Total score:  22 out of 50

So kicking off Wingnuts IV was this cute little Lebanese restaurant in Preston Street. We were happy, we were feeling generous, the first wing stop of the night nearly always scores well. Full of excitement, we ordered two portions rather than the usual one, and subsequently received double the disappointment. These wings were over-cooked and under-seasoned and not good at all. Thankfully we ordered two portions of their very good Lebanese beer as well, which cheered us up a bit. The highlight of this culinary experience was wingnut Steve mishearing wingnut Elliot ask, “Shall I squeeze the lemon on?” as “Have you been to the Lebanon?”. What followed was two minutes of Fawlty Towers style cross-purposes confusion – “You don’t like lemon?” – “Yes I love lemon, why do you ask?” – “but you just said….?” – “No I didn’t?”. You get the picture…….